Our story began in 1987 when Robert Paulig, an innovative Finnish coffee expert, came home from one of many exotic trips and founded the first, small micro coffee roastery in Helsinki. His family had already been in the coffee business for six generations, needless to say that the art of roasting coffee was in his blood.

Building the first roastery was only the beginning of one of the most inspirational entrepreneurial stories in Finland, leading to the brand “Robert’s Coffee”, now voted the Most Appreciated Coffee Shop Brand in Finland, two executive years in a row.

The first Robert’s Coffee was opened in 1992 in Helsinki, marking the very beginning of today’s vibrant coffee shop culture.

Today there are over one hundred Robert’s Coffee shops. This Finnish brand has gone global with venues in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Turkey and Japan with ambitious plans to expand into other countries year on year. The brand is entirely run by the founder’s two children, Henrika and Carl-Gustav Paulig, alongside 20 (and counting) experienced coffee shop franchisees and 400+ baristas, who turn an inspirational vision into reality.