We have a lot of amore for gelato.

Our very own gourmet ice cream is made in the Robert’s Coffee Gelato Factory in the heart of Helsinki. Antonio, the quirkiest gelato master in town, makes it on a daily basis. He uses fresh Finnish milk, high quality sugar and then adds the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients.



We continously develop new and interesting flavours together with our customers – how about trying some carrot cake, avocado or burned butter ‘Gelato’? Our ‘Sorbettos’ are dairy-free and we are bold enough to claim that we make the best dark chocolate sorbet in the world.

Our flavors

How does gelato differ from ice cream made with cream?


Gelato is made using milk not cream. For us that means fresh whole milk or plant based milk. Gelato contains less fat, under 8%.


Gelato contains less air and therefore weigh almost 50 % more than the same amount of regular ice cream.


Gelato is stored in a higher temperature, as a result the texture remains creamy and soft even though the level of fat and air is lower than in ice cream.


Our gelato is made every day by hand, on the spot. Gelato is always served freshly made.