Dare to be Slow

As a coffee shop, we aim to be the slowest one in town.

This means that our products and our services are given the time, focus and love they deserve, which ultimately leads to great quality and excellent taste.

We dare you to treat yourself the same way. Take a moment every day and give yourself the gift of time.

At Robert’s Coffee, we call these moments slowments– sweet moments when time seems to slow down. In the slowment all that matters is you, enjoying this very moment. With your favourite cup of coffee or tea.


Our suggestions for a perfect slowment


~ 7 min

Medium Robert’s Frappé

~ 15 min

Large Caffè Latte

~ 23 min


~ 7 min

Medium Robert’s Mocha

~ 12min

Large Tea

~ 28 min

Small Salty Caramel Latte

~ 10 min

Large Gelato

~ 12 min


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