Willa Shopping Centre

Robert’s Coffee Willa Shopping Centre

Robert’s Coffee Willa Shopping Centre, located in the most central part of the shopping centre, is characterized by a dynamic and energy-rich atmosphere. We at Robert’s Coffee Willa offer our customers a variety of different pastries and delicious Robert’s Coffee coffee blends. Whether you are looking for the creamiest cappuccino or the coldest iced tea on a hot day we at Robert’s Coffee Willa are always here to satisfy your cravings.

“A well-lit and eventful surrounding, first-class service and delicious coffee makes Robert’s Coffee Kauppakeskus Willa the perfect meeting point for you and your friends” says café owner Toni Immonen. We at Robert’s Coffee Kauppakeskus Willa are in the middle of all the activities going on throughout the shopping centre, therefore we are also always close by, whenever you feel an urge for top notch coffee and something fresh to eat. 

Pre-orders for catering and events & business service: http://www.zeberas.fi/kokouscatering.html

  • Wifi
  • Dogs welcomed

Loppuvuoden poikkeukset aukioloihin:

6.12. 10.30-18

24.12. 8.30-14

31.12. 7.30-18

6.1. 10.30-18

Willa Shopping Centre
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