Robert’s Coffee Tornio

We at Robert’s Coffee Tornio offer our customers a feeling of uniqueness. The interior is handcrafted and one of a kind which creates a homey feeling and is perfectly suited as a meeting place for you and your friends.

“We offer our customers a wide selection of products! A customer favorite is our handmade cheesecake which comes in many flavors” says coffee shop entrepreneur Katariina Kenttämaa. “Our coffee shop is situated in the heart of Tornio and is therefore the perfect place for you to enjoy your Slowment moment” Katariina adds. Whether you are looking for an aromatic espresso or a hearty cheesecake we at Robert’s Coffee Tornio have something for everyone.

  • Dogs welcomed
  • Gelato Factory

Länsiranta 10
Tornio 95400

+358 400 114 790