Freshly made, handgrafted Gelato. We have a lot of amore for gelato.

Strawberry Basil Sorbet

A fresh strawberry sorbet with a perfect touch of basil leaves. A taste of summer all around the year!
(L, M, G, VE)

Mint and elderflower sorbet

A festive combination of fresh mint and elderflower. A sorbet for celebration!
(L, M, G, VE)

Raspberry sorbet

Real raspberry with freshly squeezed lime juice. Sweet and fresh!
(L, M, G, VE)

Mango sorbet

A tropical flavour of real mango!
(L, M, G, VE)

Lemon sorbet

For those who like it fresh and sour! Perfect cooler on a hot summer day.
(L, M, G, SO, VE)

Darkchocolate sorbet

A very dark and intensive flavour for chocolate lovers. Without any milk products!
(L, M, G, SO, VE)


A smooth and rich flavour of milkchocolate!
(G, PÄ, VL)


The greatest of them all! Pistachio of high quality with a pinch of salt.
(G, PÄ, VL)


Let’s go nuts! A creamy gelato with hazelnutty falvour.
(G, PÄ, VL)

Suolainen maapähkinä

Crunchy peanuts! A yummy mix of sweet and salty.
(G, PÄ, VL)

Salty Caramel

The combination of seasalt and roasted sugar will take you to flavour heaven!
(G, VL)


Tasty flavour from organic licorice roots.
(G, VL)


That’s right! Fresh avocado mixed with some freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Blueberry and cinnamon

Finnish blueberries and cinnamon.
(G, VL)

Strawberry and whitechocolate

A very sweet combination of whitechocolate and strawberries.
(G, PÄ, VL)

Banana and crocante

Bananas and caramel sauce with crunchy nuts!
(G, PÄ, VL)

Cherry and yoghurt

Sweet and sour combination of cherrys and yoghurt!
(G, VL)


A crispy coconut gelato with cookie and nutcrocante!
(PÄ, VL)