Robert’s Coffee Turku

Whether you are looking for a hearty and healthy breakfast or searching for a welcoming coffee shop to have lunch with your co-workers at, you can always turn to us at Robert’s Coffee Turku. The café, which is connected to the cinema Finnkino, offers a dynamic atmosphere with a charming and sleek interior and a wide selection of food and beverages with something for everyone. Since the café is connected to Finnkino, it is easy to choose a delicious coffee as an energizing alternative to soda at the cinema. 

The coffee shop owner Robert Kristiansson emphasizes the importance of offering something of high quality to everyone. “The quality of the products is something that has become more important than ever to our customers”, says Robert, “and high quality is something that we at Robert’s Coffee have always been good at”. Service is, of course, another important part of the customer experience. “We at Robert’s Coffee Turku invest in top notch service to keep customers coming back for more.”

Kauppiaskatu 11
Turku 20100

+358 40 523 1258