Iso Omena Gelato Factory

Iso Omena Gelato Factory

The shopping centre Iso Omena’s Robert’s Coffee, which is part of the restaurant world M.E.E.T, opens into two floors. The lower floor’s Gelato Factory is light and fresh with new floor-to-ceiling windows. This is where we produce our delicious gelato. The gelato is hand made every day and is served in many different and delicious tastes, such as banana-caramel, mango-yoghurt and lingonberry sorbet. The small ice cream factory lies only a couple of minutes away from the metro and functions as an ideal meeting place for anyone who wants to improve their day with an ice cream or a wonderful cup of coffee.

Iso Omena’s Gelato Factory is run by the coffee shop owner Raimo Lönnroth. “Every visit at our Gelato Factory is unique and we want every customer to have the best possible experience”, says Raimo.” After all these years in the business Raimo still actively participates in the daily tasks of running the coffee shop and knows the importance of being in tune with your surroundings.” The quality of both the service and the products we offer is a testament to the passion that Robert Paulig had when he built Robert’s Coffee.” 

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  • Dogs welcomed
  • Gelato Factory
  • A-oikeudet

Iso Omena Gelato Factory
Piispansilta 11
Espoo 02230